terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

Exercícios Some e Any

Preencha as frases abaixo com some e any. Consulte o outro post com as explicações de como usar cada um. Quem quiser, mande as respostas para wordbridge.br@gmail.com que terei prazer em corrigir!

1. I'm going to buy ____________ potatoes.
2. We have ___________ bread, please, go out to buy ___________.
3. I'm hungry. Can I have ___________ cookies, please?
4. Do you have ____________ brothers and sisters?
5. He didn't make ___________ mistake.
6. Today I can pay, I brought ___________ money.
7. There aren't ___________ banks in this part of the city.
8. My cousins don't have _____________ children.
9. There are ___________ beautiful flowers in the park.
10. Are there ___________ letters for me?
11. I haven't got ________ tickets this year, but my sister got ____________ .
12.Do you know ___________ good restaurants in São Paulo?
13.Would you like ________ cake?
14. Last vacation, we visited _____________ very interesting places.
15. I went to the grocery store to buy __________ milk, but there isn't ___________.

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